The length of the Priorat 240 route and the climbs involved make it worthy of the mains stage of a major tour. Although there are no major summits, the geography of El Priorat is extremely demanding for cyclists of all levels. Cycle the route based on your goals: whether
you’re looking at it in a more competitive light, non-stop in 1 day, or whether you prefer to enjoy a first-rate cycling-tourism experience, over 2, 3 or 4 days, where the times are the least important element and the priority is discovering the scenery, the cuisine, the wines, the historic and cultural heritage, the people, etc. If you choose the 2, 3 or 4 day option, we will book accommodation and help you with everything you need: cultural visits, restaurants, wineries, olive-oil presses and wine shops. And we will transfer your luggage each day to your new accommodation.


- Clothing suitable for the time of year and weather forecast.
- Sufficient water and food, but remember that you can always stop off in any of the villages along the route.
- Basic tools and spares.
- GPS satnav for the track (you can also rent one from us)
- Cellphone for emergency calls (dial 112) and selfies.
- Follow the rules of the road at all times.
- Remember that helmets are obligatory outside the towns and villages.


- Usual start and end point: Falset
- Total distance: 240 km
- Minimum altitude: 65 m, Siurana River
- Maximum altitude: 774 m, Coll d'Albarca
- Total altitude gain: 4,150 m

Towns/Villages: Albarca, Bellmunt del Priorat, Cabacés, Capçanes, Cornudella del Montsant, El Lloar, El Masroig, El Molar, Els Guiamets, Escaladei, Falset, Gratallops, La Bisbal de Falset, La Figuera, La Morera de Montsant, La Vilella Alta, La Vilella Baixa, Marçà, Margalef de Montsant, Poboleda, Porrera, Pradell de la Teixeta, Siurana, Torre de Fontaubella, Torroja de Priorat, Ulldemolins.

You will get to enjoy the excellent quality of the roads of El Priorat county in their entirety. Only 11 km of the route are repeated - just 4% of the total.

Distances from Falset (usual start point)

- Falset
: km 0
- Marçà: km 2
- Torre de Fontaubella: km 8
- Pradell de la Teixeta: km 14
- Coll de la Teixeta: km 17
- Porrera: km 23
- Coll de les Marrades (o de Porrera): km 26
- Embassament de Siurana: km 35
- Siurana: km 45
- Cornudella de Montsant: km 53
- La Morera de Montsant: km 62
- Escaladei: km 67
- Cartoixa d’Escaladei: km 68
- La Vilella Alta: km 73
- La Vilella Baixa: km 75
- Cabacés: km 82
- La Figuera: km 95
- El Molar: km 103
- El Masroig: km 109
- Els Guiamets: km 116
- Capçanes: km 119
- Marçà: km 123
- Falset: km 125
- Bellmunt del Priorat: km 131
- El Lloar: km 138
- Gratallops: km 142
- La Vilella Baixa: km 147
- Cabacés: km 154
- La Bisbal de Falset: km 164
- Margalef: km 168
- Coll del Grau: km 176
- Ulldemolins : km 189
- Coll d’Albarca: km 194
- Cornudella de Montsant: km 201
- Poboleda: km 210
- Torroja del Priorat: km 223
- Porrera: km 231
- Coll Major (o de Porrera): km 236
- Falset: 240


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